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Admission Criteria

St. Mary Etawah

Normally, the School admits students promoted from Marian Kindergarten only. Where ever seats are available new admission are considered giving preference to transfer cases. New admissions are taken to classes I to VIII only. To Classes IX, X, XI and XII no new admission is normally taken. Students seeking admission to any class will be subjected to screening which could be an entrance test or an interaction or both or anything else the school considers fit to the changing trends in education. The mode and the date of screening will be fixed by the School and the result of the same will be published on a date fixed by the School. Children clearing the screening alone will be admitted. A student seeking new admission to any class will be eligible for admission to that class only if he/she:

i) Has been studying in a school recognized by or affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi or any recognized Board of Secondary Education in India.

ii) Has passed qualifying examination making him/her eligible for admission to that class.

iii) Satisfies the requirements of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the State/ U.T.Government and applicable to the place where the school is situated.

iv) Produces:

• The School Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the institution last attended and countersigned; and ,

• Documents in support of his /her having passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination.

The school takes no donation for admission or readmission to any class. Recommendation of any sort will not be entertained in the matters of admission. The parents, therefore, must refrain themselves from contacting staff members and interlocuters and abstain from influencing them through gifts and other demonstrations for the purpose of admission.

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